Pascal Landry with Joan Jane, Narcis Pares, Joan Planas and Sergi Rodriguez
Collaborators: Selin Ak├žakaya, Javier Urios Albeza, Nadia Berthouze


When Microsoft released the Kinect, many video games for physical activity were designed for this specific interface. Nonetheless, no mechanism or design strategy have been established to assess and control the quality and quantity of physical activity for this specific interface. The goal of this research was to extend and formalize design strategies to control the amount opf physical activity with active video games.

The Challenge

Develop active video games for the Kinect and assess their impact physical activity to draw design strategies for this type of video games.


We designed three video games and we saw in all three that our game strategy was able to control and modulate the amount of physical activity.

Project Summary

  • Date: 2011 - 2016
  • Client: Academic Research project supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation - Spain
  • Category:Video Game, Physical Activity
  • Tools used: OpenCV, C++, OpenFrameworks
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