Imersivo has been cofounded by German Leon and Jaime Moreno with the vision to create novel sale channels solutions for retailer.

The Challenge

Imersivo has blurred the lines between the physical store and the online shop, offering you the best of both worlds. Interact naturally with real-time displays, use your smartphone as the remote, check the inventory of other stores or have the item shipped right to your front door, all without ever waiting in line.


Two main products have been developed in Imersivo: the imSquare and the imCube. The imSquare has the shape of an interactive kiosk while the imCube is characterized as a novel vending machine. Both imSquare and imCube connects the customers with the product information they need without flagging down an employee. Through an intuitive gesture display, the customers have instant access to all of your product content and availability. A system of recommendation can also be integrated to suggest the customers products more relevant for their age, gender or based on their physical attribute such as the hair color or skin tone. Finally, a payment gateway can also be intgrated in both solutions. For the imSquare, the payment gateway allows to the customers to buy products for home delivery while the customers can buy a product and get it immediately delivered with the imCube.

The imCube was tested on the market in pilots for different companies, including PepeJeans and Tous. For instance, the project with Tous shows great success during Christmas sales to ease the cueing in the store and increase the sales.

Project Summary

  • Date: 2015 -
  • Clients: Grace&Robot, PepeJeans, Tous, Accenture
  • Category: Interactive Point of Sale, Retails
  • Tools used: C++, NodeJs, Javascript, Coffeescript, Caffe, OpenCV